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Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete, The Money Pit, Home improvement radio show writes:
"... we like the Styletto arrow tipped paint brush"
[November 2008]

Building Online writes:
"New Styletto brushes provide the edge needed for precision painting.
[November 12, 2008]

Garden Web, Paint Forum:
"Great new brush for cutting in-Styletto"
[July 16, 2008]

Glen Haege, America's Master Handyman Writes:
"Styletto is a detail brush like none-other."
[May 31, 2008]

Vicky Sanderson, Toronto Star culumnist writes:
"Arrow-tipped brush makes paint detail work precise and painless"
[April 21, 2007]

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Consumer Comments:

"A few days ago I found myself with the task of painting my daughter's room.
When I was picking up the paint at my local hardware store I noticed the
display of Styletto Brushes and I decided to try one.
I was really impressed, your brushes make cutting in a breeze.
To say I am not a big fan of painting would be an understatement, but I must
say, now that I own one of your brushes, painting won't be the chore that it
was in the past.
Great product, I wish you continued success."
Tom Whelan

"I have been painting since I was 12 yrs old....and as I am now 64, that is a very long time!  (.....and a lot of paint!) I have always used a good quality 'sash' brush for trim & cutting, however, I will never use anything but your Styletto Brush again!   This is an absolutely wonderful brush!   ...........truly a dream to use.....either side works perfectly..........even over loaded, it still works beautifully.........for cutting in.....just lay flat on the edge to be painted, and the long bristles just carry the paint so nicely!...............and very straight, too!   Thankyou!"
Lorene Mullen

"Congratulations on this new paint brush, I really appreciated using them. 

With this new brush design I did not have to use masking tape for cutting and detailing and it takes less time. Finally someone thought for us now we can trim perfectly. Itís easy to use, it is a little wonder. I tell everyone I know to use this design, itís perfect for corners and even mouldings.

Congratulations again."
Louise Arcand

"For French doors. Itís perfect."
Gabrielle Menard Sorel, QC

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